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Inventory Management - How do you do it in D42?



  • I-Ming Chen

    This is something I've been thinking about tackling as well at my org. But I've come to the conclusion that if isn't grocery-shopping easy, no one is going to follow through. No one likes to update a spreadsheet every time they take out a part. The ideal experience is like going to Home Depot, doing the self-checkout, and then walking out. The system does what it needs to do and adds/deducts as needed depending on the intended experience.

    I'm thinking bar code readers (dumb or smart) and a custom Python script. I might be overthinking this but it would be a sure fire way that always works.

  • ben.johnson

    I've found the current methods available are not used, as you've pointed out, because they are not streamlined enough to use. We'll have to stay with a spreadsheet for the time being.\

    Appreciate the reply.


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