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Convert To Asset



  • Kalchik

    Running into the exact same issue. If we want to track our decommissioned items we currently have to recreate them as an asset and then delete the device out, otherwise it continues to take a license. Anything decommed should not take a license or there should be an option to automatically convert a device to an asset at end of life.

  • IaaS HWaaS

    Hey dwing,

    Yeah this is an interesting problem we've run into as well. D42 is aware of it but in the interim we've turned to extracting a devices and its related history to a secondary db. Not ideal but it's the work around we've decided to take.



    Jeff Schulthies
    Associate Member of the Technical Staff
    311 Arsenal Street | Watertown, MA 02472

  • Yakubek, Mike

    Need the same process.

  • Michał Kiełkowski

    Ideally some separation of asset (assets) and configuration (devices) management (separate process) with option to synchronize the data between them when the asset is also a device. It would cover the time of life of an asset pre and post production.


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