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Dell Warranty Check Discovery



  • Chuck Nicholson

    Ryan,  I believe that we had the same issue.  I found that we didn't actually discover any Dell device yet.  Once we had some dell devices in the system, it worked.  If you have Dell devices in already, I am unsure of the issue you have.

  • Ryan LeViseur

    Support said that the order number type issue has been fixed in the unreleased next version.

    As for the Org, we did have multiple devices that were Dells. Apparently, the autodiscover jobs had found and created three different variations: "Dell", "Dell Inc.", and "Dell, Inc." All devices were under the second one.

    When I tried running the Warranty job again this morning, the error changed from Org not found to no devices found for Dell.

    So, I merged all three vendor variations into "Dell" and it has successfully run now.

    Since the error changed after leaving it overnight, I'm assuming there's just a delaying in getting all the data in the database linked up properly when discovering almost 1k devices in short order. It's the only thing I can think of.

  • Chuck Nicholson

    I just learned that Dell expires the key annually.  I requested my key get updated and it works again.

  • John Petrucci

    Thanks Chuck, this was the problem for me.  It would be nice if the Warranty Sync would draw more attention when it is failing.  Instead it was just not pulling info in for who knows how long.


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