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bulk edit the service level



  • Don Horrox

    I agree and would appreciate this capability, especially using the Generic Import Tool.

  • Betty Kester

    Please! I just used the d42_generic_import_tool_v7.4.0.exe tool for the first time and it could really save us some time and pain but Service_Level is one of the fields I have to import all the time. Why is this field omitted? 

  • Marie Garcia

    Any update on when/if the ability to bulk update the Service Level for selected devices will be available?

  • Eric Jolley

    I have just gone through the process of updating service levels on about 1200 devices.  Having the ability to do this in bulk would have saved me a lot of time.  With all the other bulk update options on devices, I'm really surprised the service level isn't included.  Please make it so Device42 developers.  

  • Derek Rasina

    Please add this functionality.  This request is now 3 years old and it would be a huge time saver for us.


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