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Hardware age on main dashboard



  • Stefano Coletta

    I can add that on 12 feb 2016 I've reported via support ticket this feature request that is closely related to what you would like to have:

    During the Edit report I need to specify a period longer that "12 months" for the "* in the last:" fields on the screen. This is the specific use case:

    Battery parts on UPS devices should be replaced when they get 3 years old, so I need a parts report to show old batteries to replace based on the "Date Changed" of the part.

    We could implement this check in the future even for Hard Disks based on the MTBF value...

    Generally speaking I think you should change the type of the field from LISTBOX to TEXT letting the user specify the period he needs in a more flexible way.

    My suggestion is that you can think like Jira does, eg: "3w 2d" that stands for 3 weeks and 2 days. But any other method will be ok.

    Actually I do not know how to produce such report.

  • DRMatthis

    I need something similar and I am trying to just add a custom life cycle option of "Birth date". My need is not just for tracking warranty status but to know how long the equipment has been active. I am weeding through some old equipment and need to report on the age of the device that may have been acquired second hand or under a lease.


    The one problem with adding a "Birth date" field to the life cycle area is that I cannot generate a report based off it like I could with "Warranty". I can export the data into excel but I would like to have it on the dashboard as well. 


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