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Storage management




  • Official comment
    Samir Mehra

    Our recent acquisition of ArrayIQ provides us the ability to support deeper discovery of multiple Storage arrays. It is available currently as a standalone product, but is actively being integrated in Device42. 

  • Uri

    Can we also use the API from NetApp and PS to do the discovery.
    Since the API provide cleaner information and very close to the actually dashboard (NetApp and PS).



  • Dannie P. Rothmann

    One of the simpler storage types (NAS) to start with is Solaris, Oracle, OpenSolaris, Illumos based ZFS storages. You already have the discovery in place for Solaris (it works on all these platforms, from what I have testet until now), you just need to dig a little deeper and get ZFS pool, iSCSI, NFS and maybe CIFS info and some connectivity info.

    I would love to contribute and make some code samples for this, if I get some info about the language used inside the appliance (py?) and some feedback from the users about what they would like to get collected.

  • Lohit Valleru

    Do we have any progress with this feature request?

    Because we have lot of storage in our environment and it would be really useful to have this feature.


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