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Have minimum password complexity requirements.



  • Raj Jalan

    Hi James,

    Do you mean for users authentication in Device42 or for passwords stored in the password vault in D42?



  • James Sandwell

    Passwords stored, we are required where feasible to have passwords of minimum length and complexity.

    Thanks, James Sandwell

  • Stefano Coletta

    I think that the future of the password vault of D42 is already depicted. Just look at

    and I think you'll see many good improvements you can do to the Password manager of D42.

    The good of D42 is that you have a bundled password manager at no extra cost, the bad is that it has few of the strongest features of its competitors like PasswordManagerPro to cite one... but that features of course are PRICEY.

    I hope that D42 will improve the password manager module so I could totally forget other password managers :)


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