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Identify cage space in Room Layout View



  • Stefano Coletta

    We have the same situation. It is important to define cages in the Room Layout view along with doors.

  • Stefano Coletta

    To represent Rooms in Room we have implemented a workaround: add "Room" assets just to depict that a portion of the bigger room is occupied by a smaller room (cage).

    To make cages, we made other regular Rooms.

    Side effects in layout view:

    1. The big room has gray boxes representing nested rooms without racks displayed in
    2. If you click on the asset that represents the inner room/cage you are not redirected to the real room (cage) layout view to see the room contents.
  • Earl Gable

    I have a similar situation where our data center has secured cages in it. I carve them up as rooms and also have a room for the entire data center floor which includes the floor area of our cages. I would like the layout for the entire data center floor to show the nested rooms/cages. But I would prefer it just to be like a Room Object Template that I can expand to cover the proper grid size. 

    A door template would be cool as well.

  • Viacheslav Litvinov


  • Dwilson


    We would love to be able to create cage walls inside of our data rooms. This could be just like the door template, I  just need to be able to drag and drop where these cage walls are. This would be very helpful when trying to pass on information to someone that is not as familiar with the data center. 



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