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Suggest/Reserve IP from within Subnet page




  • Chris Benigni

    Hi Doug,

    Thank you for your request.   I agree that we do not have a way to do this from the Subnet page and that it would be helpful.  However, just in case you weren't aware, you are able to do this from the Subnet Tree View.  By going to IPAM>>Subnet Tree in your Device42 application, you can expand the tree out to a particular subnet and by clicking on the "green plus sign" you automatically are provided with a list of available IP's in that range, starting from the next available IP.   In this case you can select that next IP address and then you can select the "Type"as Reserved, and now you have the next available address Reserved.

  • Doug Warner

    Thanks for pointing this out.  The subnet tree can be difficult to navigate once you get a bunch of subnets, especially w.r.t. the parenting problems we're having due to not being able to assign customers (separate feature request ongoing) requiring that we maintain them at the top level rather than parented properly. It's also slightly counter-intuitive for it to be in one location but not the other.

  • Raj Jalan

    subnet_page_add_ip.pngHi Doug,

    Thanks for your feedback. We have added this option in v9.0.0, where you can add an IP from subnet IP page now. Basically limited tree for that subnet now shows up and you can add IP using the green plus icon (as shown in attached image).





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