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VMware/Xen autodiscovery: add clusters to group the hypervisors



  • Official comment
    Raj Jalan

    Just FYI - we have added this for vmware few release back, where cluster is created and the hosts are added to the relevant cluster.

  • Arjen Annes

    In addition to this it would be nice to see on the overview of a device that it's member of a cluster (and which one). At the moment if you open the overview of a device it is not mentioned anywhere. Sort of like there is a Device Host Chassis field for when a device is a blade.

  • Karl

    As a VMware ESX admin, it would be extremely useful to be able to have the ESX structure within Device42.

    i.e. From the vSphere vCenter server used for autodiscovery, it should show the:

    • ESX Data Center
    • Cluster
    • ESX Hosts
    • Virtual Guests

    And from any virtual Guest listed in Device42 I can currently see which ESX host it's on, but I should also be able to see which Cluster it's in, which ESX Data Center it's in, which vSphere vCenter server it is managed by.

    This would be VERY useful.


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