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  • Sean Kane

    This would be incredibly useful in making Device42 a central component in a provisioning workflow. Being able to trigger a hook, on add, update, delete, etc. of various object types would be a useful way to approach this and make it generic enough for broad usage patterns.

  • Doug Warner

    We've recently had this come up again for custom integrations from our security team; is this something that has a timeline yet?

  • Jeff Graham

    It would be great if a manager (without need to access D42) could be informed when an asset has been removed or added to the system. Exploring the idea of using webhooks for integration with a tool like Slack to create notifications for non-technical support staff.

  • Jason Kincl

    This could also be useful for integrations with DHCP and DNS config updates when changed in D42

  • Damian OSullivan

    Is there any idea of a time frame on this?

  • Gdevouthon

    Webhooks would be awesome for password management to alert on the use of admin / root / shared accounts. 


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