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Add single IP's and multiple ranges to auto-discovery



  • Brian Feraudo

    In general, I think it would make the most sense for us to be able to split 
    up these auto-discover jobs by site. The current app configuration doesn't 
    really allow us to do that since we can only enter a start and end IP 
    address. Is there any possibility to add functionally so I can input a list 
    of IPs to scan rather then a range?

  • Aron Silverton

    I'd also like to see this added. Or, at the very least, the ability to list multiple IP addresses if not a combination of ranges and multiple individual IPs.

  • Ian Kumlien

    I envision it as a, ascii ui mockup coming up:
    [_____] - [_____] [add range]

    When you click add range, the range is added and the field is now blank for new input.
    If you only fill in start (as a host or with a netmask - then this should be handled accordingly)

    The "added fields" could have a edit and a remove icon - =)

  • Joel Kos

    Any update on this?  It’s still causing a huge problem, and quite an inefficiency when you need to create multiple power discovery jobs for 1 location.


  • Alex Graham

    Or by tags, or hostname wildcards, or ... there are tons of options for non-continuous ranges, many of which have already been implemented in other auto-discovery components.



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