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Dashboard Widget Suggestions



  • Bala KS

    To add to this:

    I know we don't have dashboards available in Device42 yet, but I am looking 
    at creating reports, scheduling them to be run regularly, exporting into an 
    Excel file and generating the dashboards till we figure out how we can 
    generate LIVE dashboards of the IT Asset data directly from 
    The Device42 system. For me, it is very critical that we have the 
    dashboards so that we can take some IT decisions based on the data.

  • Carley, Lance

    Dashboard Widget idea/request and auto discovery request.

    -I would like to be able to see the discovery jobs that are running. 

    -I would also like to be able to run several at one time and basically batch up the all jobs to run in a certain windows.

  • Robert Chang

    i would also like to add:  The ability to set a custom title/heading or message somewhere on the page would be a great addition. I think this would add another way to distinguish environments besides the URL/IP. I ask this because one of our clients also use device42 which we are managing in addition to our prod/test environments. This is prevent unwanted issues such as a such creating a device in the wrong instance. Please let me know what you guys think.

  • Robert Chang

    To add to my previous comment, another way to distinguish the main page would be to add the option to add color somewhere (header, border, background, text, does not really matter as long as there is an option).

  • Raj Jalan

    Hi Robert,

    Site customization is now available in v7.1.0:

    Other dashboard customizations as suggested by others are still not done yet.




  • Morlan, Sheilagh Rae

    I store inventory from other data centers in my main Device42 instance.  I would like to be able to create a dashboard for each location as node counts are my first line of QA.


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