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warranty lookup from service tag




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    Raj Jalan

    Hi Philip,

    • vendors keep changing their APIs.
    • Also, direct API access is required for each customer.
    • And lastly, with externally published script, customers also contribute to the code to get bugs fixed faster or make changes based on vendor api changes.

    We plan to keep this external for now.

    We have also added support for IBM and Lenovo.



  • Philip Littlewood

    This would be a great feature if it supported as many hardware vendors as possible:

    Dell, HP, etc.

  • Chris Fulp

    This is a fantastic idea.  I can't speak for HP, but I know that Dell has an bulk warranty-check API.  I know cisco has a tool to lookup warranty statuses, but I'm not sure if they have an API for it.

  • Raj Jalan

    Dell API keys are limited to end user, so each user have to request them from Dell. With that in mind, we have added a python script that you can use to update your devices in Device42 with warranty info:

    You will need to get an API key from Dell, configure the script and run.

  • Philip Littlewood

    Could this be integrated directly into the device42 site? Running an external python script is a bit clunky.

  • Jason Lomax

    Hello All-

    We have added the warranty check functionality built into the Main Appliance in version 14.2.0.

    Please see below:


  • Matt Altieri

    For a quick overview of Device42's automated IBM warranty check / Dell service tag lookup features, this blog post covers some background and use case scenarios:

    As an aside, Device42's Warranty and Service tag auto-discovery now supports warranty checking for Dell, Lenovo, and IBM.

    See Device42's warranty auto-discovery documentation for complete usage information:


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