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vCenter autodiscovery and clusters



  • Andy Brook

    Would it be possible to alter the vServer auto discovery such that if a VM is found in a host that is part of a virtual host cluster, the cluster is listed as the containing host instead of the individual host? In the VMWare world, VMs will migrate between hosts quite often. I only care about the cluster they're a part of, not the individual host.

  • FRANMAX (Rytis Lietuvaitis)

    Could you make Hyper-V autodiscover to discover cluster devices, create them on Device42 and set VM's to that cluster device instead of physical host? Or at least tune hyper-v autodiscover utility not to change VM belonging back to hyper-v host if I change it manually. Now, if I manually create cluster device and change VM location to cluster, after autodiscovery completes, it changes it back to physical host.


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