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Improvements to update process




  • Marc de Rooy

    It is indeed a long process to first check than download then upload and last thru the console update. Maybe its an idea to place the update avaible thru the dashboard with a link so that the step of downloading and uploading is passed.



    I think you should add the following to the update process:

    • Release Notes for every update presented somewhere at least within the new install.  Not all releases have release notes (example I just downloaded and there is no release notes)
    • RSS feed of updates or some other process where I do not have to request a download link or manually check for updates.
    • Eventually being able to update the app in the gui only would be great as noted above, but I'm happy with small improvements over time.
  • Raj Jalan


    Sometimes the release notes are a bit delayed after we publish the release, but these show up on blog and announcements section on zendesk. You can either subscribe to rss feed on blog.device42. com for posts with tag release or subscribe to announcements section as described here:


    Thanks & Regards,




    Yes, I'm fine with delays in the blog.  

    • I was just saying I have seen version releases without release notes. Brief internal/technical release notes included in the appliance itself, but not needed if a release is time up closer to a blog post.
    • Separately, it would be nice to subscribe to an RSS with the version downloads instead of having to fill out the email page every time.
  • infrad42

    Nooo. I am installed on an internal network. Please leave the option to pull an update from another Internet connected network.


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