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  • Jose Rivera

    Here’s a recap of what I’d like vmware autodiscovery to pick up (and allow us to map to d42 fields):

    What I’d like is for specific attributes to be set based on criteria in the VM guests.

    E.g., if a VM has tags, apply those as tags in D42 (and let us add aliases to tags b/c we won’t necessarily have exactly the same ones)

    If a VM has a specific tag, option to add it to a customer

    If a VM is in folder X in VMware, option to add it to a customer

  • Peter Gehres

    Is it possible to restrict access based on the location of the asset? For example, we would like to allow our IT department to manage assets in the datacenter at HQ but do not want them to be able to edit things in the production SaaS datacenter.

  • Raj Jalan

    We have added multi-tenancy support in v9.0.0:

    This requires to upgrade to 64 bit image.




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