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API get statistics




  • Arjen Annes

    - customer set / not set can now be queried via API and in the interface, though you can't just get the amount of devices in the list from the api call. That would be very convenient. instead of the full list, just output the count (as option of course)

    - amount of rackable 1-20u devices is in the reporting, though convenient if it would be able to get via api

    - serial set / not set can be done via api (same comment as for the customer set / not set)

    For that matter the request is partly done. When working with the api calls I noticed it would also be very convenient if like for service_level one could say in the query to get a list (and as options count) for systems not having a specific service level set. To exclude that one option.

  • Raj Jalan

    Hi Arjen,

    for #1 and #3, if you do ?include_cols= and it will just give you the total_count.




  • Arjen Annes

    TNX! that works great indeed.

  • Arjen Annes

    I'd like to request another column to be able to query for an empty value: rack.

    This would make it easy to find discovered devices in the network, which have been found in the network but has not been registered in a rack yet and therefore the physical location is unknown.


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