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Geocode Locations




    Would be a good idea for buildings.

  • Stefano Coletta

    I agree. The first implementation I see is to show the rooms of each building on a "building layout view" similar to the room layout view with an associated blueprint of the building shown in transparency.

    Then I'll add a global map to show buildings in the land (like Google Maps). In our case we have a lot of POPs (Point of Presence) in our country where we have little rooms with just one rack; we have also co-locations by other carriers. Even there we have an entire rack or a portion of it and we need to track the CIs installed on it. We are customers in that case but what's the difference? We need to track CIs distributed in the territory probably more than the IDC CIs we are close to with offices.

    IDC management is only a "part" of the entire story :)


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