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Virtual IP addresses

Not planned



  • Official comment
    Jason Lomax

    Hello Valued Customers-

    We are working on this. We have an internal request open to address this in an upcoming release. I will keep everyone updated on the status, thanks for the input and the patience!


  • Permanently deleted user


    I see your point. Although, assigning two devices to an IP will break some logic in d42, we can probably represent this in some other way. We will discuss this internally more and reach out to you as we have more questions.



  • Brian Heller

    Was this issue ever addressed?  We use virtual IPs on our load balancers.  The IP is associated to a service (i.e. web site), but can exist on any of our load balancers.  

    If there's not a way to associate the same IP to multiple devices, perhaps there's a way to define "applications/service" as a device so that an IP address can be assigned to them?  That "application/service" wouldn't take on the same characteristics of a regular device, but it's still assigned an IP address.

  • Andrey

    Some of IP addresses can be shared between network devices. For example every first hop redundancy protocol (HSRP, GLBP, VRRP, ..) allow you share IP in such way.

    I would like new type for IP address as 'virtual' and ability to tie such IP address more then to one device (currently you can select only device).

  • Mike Davis

    This is something I have been trying to workaround for the same reasons mentioned above. Just adding my +1 to this topic.

  • Rui Meireles

    Same problem here.

    There's not an easy way to create a virtual IP, or an anycast IP, that may be configured in more than 1 device. I'd like to see this being addressed.




  • Earl Gable

    Over 7 years ago this was Jason responded two years ago that this was in the works. I would think there should be some kind of update on this by now??


    this would be very beneficial to the Commonwealth of PA

  • Aby3_D42サポート

    We are getting a similar request from our customer.

    Could we have an update please?


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