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Application Components - Multiple Devices



  • Raj Jalan


     You can create a cluster device and add those firewalls to it. Then you can define application component running on that cluster device. The impact chart would show the cluster device with individual devices as discussed in device42 impact charts documentation.

    Please let me know if that helps.



  • Damien Luke

    Hi Raj,

    That works great, thanks for point that out!


  • Jens Bech Madsen

    I have a similar problem that I cannot work out how to solve. I am trying to map my IT services into the tool, so I can get dependency diagrams and impact charts from service down to hardware component level.

    I am trying to model my VMware service. It consists of a number of clusters which are grouped into datacenters (VMware term) which put together comprise the VMware IT service. I can create the VMware clusters as clusters in Device42 and that works great. But I don't see how I can model the datacenters or the service itself as these concepts are not specific to a single device or cluster. And I cannot create an application component without specifying a device.


    Any suggestions on how this can be modeled?


    My end goal is to be able to select an IT service (VMware, Email, ERP etc.) and be able to see what hardware and software is involved in making these services run. And if I need to service a component, I want to be able to get a list of services being affected.

  • Permanently deleted user

    This is a good point. This modeling is NOT possible as of this writing(04/17/2013).

    Current grouping of devices works on physical level where you can see services being affected on rack level(showing all physical devices and so forth), room level etc.

    Having an option to create logical grouping makes sense. We will discuss this further internally.


  • Thomas Micks

    Having the ability to add multiple devices to an application component would be very helpful for our enviroment as well. This would help track devices that have a dependancy on the same application , or the same application being installed on multiple servers.

    Also being able to add multiple devices that are dependent on an application component would be beneficial as there are instances where a device will have a dependency on an application component but will not necessarily have it installed.

  • Raj Jalan

    Starting with v5.2.0, device is no longer a required field for application components. Now you can show services as per your request.


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