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Some issues with OpenLDAP Settings - uid search, Bind User, TLS failure



  • Tomas Hajek

    I should have mentioned that with 1 above, if I change port to 389 and disable SSL then it connects.

  • Raj Jalan


    1. OpenLDAP was added few releases ago with experimental support. We haven't gotten a chance to test with ldaps till now for Open LDAP(only with MS AD). That said, it is on our list to look into.

    2. You are right regarding Base and Domain. You generally don't need 2 in open LDAP. Initially our logic was built for AD only, so both fields are required for now. If you make these 2 same, you should be good to go.

    3. We do SUBTREE search. Please make sure domain and base is same.

    4. We don't do anonymous bind.

    5. This is a good point. We would look into this further.

    6. As discussed in point 2 above, you are right. We will see if we can simplify this for openLDAP.



    Raj Jalan.


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