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Bulk change device type



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  • Raj Jalan

    John, there are multiple ways to bulk change device type in device42 as discussed below. I see your point too and will bring it up for discussion internally. Thanks.

    1. Hardware bulk edit to change device type

    When a device is auto-discovered with a hardware type it is automatically assigned to right category based on the hardware.
    For first time, when hardware type is also unknown, you can use following 2 options to change hardware type. This will automatically change device types for all associated devices(unknown only) and any new devices that are discovered with that hardware:
    1. Tools > Bulk Operations > Hardware Bulk edit as shown in quick video above.
    2. Tools > Import > Hardware import, where you can change hardware types.

    Device Excel Import to change device type

    You can do it in following 2 steps to make it easier:

    1. Reports > Generate Device Report and Filter by type "unknown".
    This would create an excel report for "unknown" device types.

    2. Download sample excel file for device import from; Tools > Import > Device excel import.
    Copy the device name column from step #1 and fill out the type column and Import the new sheet.

    Device POST or PUT APIs to change device type

    You can also use the REST API to make the device type change.
    More details at:


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