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Console server port tracking


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  • Chris Benigni

    Hi Lee,

    Thank you for reaching out to us on this.  Looking at your questions, you can certainly replicate this in Device42.  You can imitate your console servers by adding them in as switches so that you can add connections to devices.  For example, let’s say you want to show a 4 port console server.   You can create a 4 port switch, either by creating it under Devices (DEVICES>>All Devices and then select Add Device select Physical for Type and check off Network Device)  or you can create a switch template (TOOLS>Templates & Bulk Operations>>Switch Templates) and then create a device based on that template.  Either way, will work for you but just made sure you Create a Hardware Model first where you can select to make it rack mountable if it is and then give it a U size and a depth of full or half (DATACENTER>>Hardware Models>>Add Device Hardware Model).    Once you have your ports created and you mount the device (4 port switch) in the rack, you can drag and drop the connections from the Rack Layout Screen or you can go to IPAM>>Switchports and associate a device to each port to draw that connection. 


    For tracking IP addresses for PDU’s, the way you would do this is after you’ve created your PDU Model and PDU (under DATACENTER>>PDUs), you will want to go to Add a Device and for Type, select “other” then for the Device Subtype, select PDU (see image1 attached).  You will then give this Device an IP Address.   Then to tie this to the PDU itself, open up your PDU in Edit mode, and then select the search icon under “Device Mapping” to map this PDU to the device PDU you’ve created. (see image2 attached).

    Please give this a try Lee and let me know if you have any further questions.


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