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Active Directory LDAP query question




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    Raj Jalan

    Update: This feature has been available for a while now and we have just added support for multi-domain authentication as well: Active Directory

  • Raj Jalan


     As of now(till v317) we don't support group logins for AD. You have to individually add active directory users in device42 using "Add Active directory Administrator" under Tools > Administrator. You would have to setup Active directory settings first to where to look for the active directory user to be added.

    Here are the docs on how to do that:

    For active directory group based auth, there was another request that was added today for a new feature:

    Please Upvote that(by finding that useful) and/or add your comments. More likes would help us move this higher on our priority list :).

    Thanks & Regards,

    Raj Jalan.


  • Jose Cruz

    Thanks! Upvoted that feature request and added my comments.


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