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Expand ServiceNow integration to populate all ServiceNow OTB tables



  • Nathaniel Harding

    I agree with Andy, I am currently implementing Device42 and integrating it with ServiceNow, to enable it to underpin our Service Management practices (i.e. Incident, Problem and Change) and have found the nominal offering very inadequate. That being said, Device42 have been supporting very well to expand this, although I am not sure how any expansion from the offering found in the ServiceNow Store would be considered by ServiceNow Support. The biggest problem with the integration found in the store is that too much logic is managed within ServiceNow, whereas it would be better to use DOQL queries to do this. I would also like to request that any expansion leverages IntegrationHub ETL within ServiceNow, as I believe this will make the management of the integration much easier to understand and maintain.

  • Matt Besfer

    Hey Andy,

    We are going to look into this request for you and will get back to you once we review in the coming weeks. I am also reaching out via email to see if we can get a call setup with you and our PM who handles integrations as I see you also have another request in for splunk integration.


    Matthew Besfer
    D42 Product Management


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