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Discovery Targets linked to Subnet Category



  • Nathaniel Harding

    I am one of Dom's customers and we have discussed how this would be very beneficial to my organisation (the Australian Broadcasting Corporation), as it would make it much easier to identify the target of discovery jobs, when these are being defined at scale, which will lower the effort and errors associated with maintaining discovery jobs. As an example, we have created a Windows discovery job for a single site (knowing that it won't exceed 65,536 IP addresses) and have to list the 232 subnets currently associated with this site, however when we can only view an IP address, it makes understanding and maintaining what is targetted very challenging. At the same time, we have created subnet records and subnet categories within Device42, so that we can see what has been discovered per subnet and what may still need to be discovered. If these records could be referenced and used within the discovery job, it would make our lifes much easier and also ensure Device42 is being used most effectively.

  • Fitz good to get some feedback around this.


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