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  • Wahi Narsisian

    Hello Aftab,

    Just to clarify the question N1, are you referring to the devices where IP address column is empty, in other word no IP address is associated with them?

    For the second question, please open a support ticket and provide more details and we are glad to assist.


  • Aftab Ashiq

    Hi Wahi , 

    Thank you for your response


    For N1, Yes, like this , Please see below . We just need to know how we can filter the empty cells on the IP address column


    For the second query, I have been told that a ticket has been raised by my colleague, He is following up. 

  • Wahi Narsisian

    Hello Aftab,

    You cannot filter by IP is NULL on the UI, as this filter is intended to use some values. But this can be accomplished very easily using this DOQL


    from view_device_v1 d
    left join view_ipaddress_v1 ip on ip.device_fk = d.device_pk

    where ip.ip_address is null

    this will list all devices where no IP associated with them.

    To run the query please use the following URL:


    Replacing the D42_IP with your appliance IP or DNS

    And use “,” as column separator


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