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Device Blacklist


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  • Kevin Helvestine

    i'm losing my mind over hundreds and hundreds of printers coming into my device42, please add this blacklist feature, i have something like 600 printers i've had to get the ips of and add to exclusion lists in my discoveries and every time they run i get more and more, i am trying to create new jobs for other devices and more and more printers come in, we stand up a new remote site, 100 more, they have no OS listed so i cant just ignore OS, i have to list them one by one in the exclusion list of every single job. besides printers i have other devices as well id like to permanently remove and can't, i have to waste so much time doing this manual mega-ip list in exclusions of every scan job its getting so out of hand. so many licenses i pay for are wasted by these devices i never want, that i have to spend all this time excluding them this way or ill run out of licensing. 


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