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Aisles / Rows for Racks



  • Chris Benigni

    Hi Christopher, thanks for the feedback on this.  If you navigate to DATACENTER>Racks in Device42's application, you have the option to first of all narrow the list of racks by room and row with the filters you see on the right.  You also can use the action drop-down window (above the list) to show the Front Layout or Back Layout of any racks you select which helps you visualize the entire row of racks.  I included an image as well.  Let me know if this may be something you looking for.  You'll also see an option in the action drop-down called Audit Export for selected Racks which will provide you with a nice list of everything in that rack including objects on the side, above, or below the rack. Hope this helps!


  • Ian Smith

    Hi Chris,


    Thanks for this post, it's a very helpful (and very hidden!) feature.  I've discovered a small issue in my environment that I'm hoping you can shed some light on.  I have a row that when viewed from the front, the racks are numbered sequentially from right to left.  I have placed them in the room layout to indicate their position.  But when I select the row and choose to view the rack layouts, the racks are reverse of their actual positions.  I do not see a way to rearrange the row view.  

    How does D42 decide what order to display the rack fronts in the row layout?  Is it configurable?  


  • Chris Benigni

    Hi Ian,

    That is an interesting one.  I will have to test this out to confirm how they are displayed.  I certainly want to track this and sorry for the delayed response.   Is it possible to send this request over to so it creates a ticket in the system?  I want to work on this and see what we can do to help.   I'll keep an eye out of your email.  Thank you!


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