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Page-Aware Configuration Screens



  • Daniel Kaczmark

    Thanks for pointing that out, Stefano. I'd say my request is an extension of yours as I'd like to have the page redirect you to the device that you were editing if you got pushed to an external object page from that device. 

    I can also agree that clicking save on a device/object page when you are editing it directly should keep you on that given device/object's page while returning you to view mode instead of kicking you back to the list. 

  • Mark DeBella

    There seems to be a problem, I can't up-vote this a million times. Yes, the save button should bring you straight back to the device/object that you were just editing, not the full list of objects. 

  • Daniel Kaczmark

    My original request is over two years old at this point and this problem still hasn't been addressed. Sincerely hope this is on the radar somewhere.

  • Stefano Coletta

    Already asked in this post more than one year ago


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