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Next available subnet of X bits length in subnet API call




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    Rick Johnston

    Hi Blackstone,

    Sorry for late reply, this option is already available as:



    You can do look at what child subnets are available and where to optimally fit your next /27 from the subnet tree. And subnet usage from a particular parent subnet. Documented here:


    Hope this helps.




  • Daniel Kaczmark

    I'm surprised this hasn't been up-voted more. Having the ability to do this via the web would also be huge. 

    The IPAM implementation in D42 *works* as in it houses all relevant data, but it feels and looks kludgy. 

    Take something like phpIPAM - the visual representation is amazing and makes it very easy to visualize your ip-space/subnet. In D42, if I want to search a given net to see where I can fit another /27, it's very hard. Let alone having an automated way of doing so. 



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