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Need subnet to associate with VLAN somehow.



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  • Emanuele Levorin

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    We added VLAN auto-discovery from v12.0.0 when those details are available in the SNMP data collected.

    The VLAN column can also be added to your Subnet column list. You can create a new custom column list from TOOLS > Column Lists or directly from "Add column list.." in the column drop-down menu of your Subnets page. 

    It's possible to add a Parent VLAN to your subnets from IPAM > Subnet > choose your subnet here and click on the top right Edit option. In the Subnet edit page you will find the Parent VLAN option that allows you to assign the VLAN. You can also view the subnet assigned to your VLAN from the respective VLAN entry on IPAM > VLAN. 




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