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Automate All the Things with Device42 CMDB and Rundeck Integration


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  • suresh.yarra

    Thank you for the documentation and the plugin. 


    I was using Device42 and rundeck integration pluin and trying to pull the device group names via the custom filters onto rundeck. I was able to get the host names but not a non-filterable custom device groups. We use custom groups in our playbooks and as I could not get the custom groups via the plugin and with that
    I could not run any of the playbooks via Rundeck. Below is the screenshot with custom fields and I could not pull the “Application” field which has all the custom groups.

     Is there a way you can update the plugin to poll the non-filterable custom filed via the plugin ? We have to set this filed to “multi-select” which is why this was in non-filterable option. Thank you for your help.





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