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Release Summary 14.2.0



  • Soporte LinkSolution

    Jason, its possible that Remote Collector v13.8.2 dont connect to an upgraded Appliance? We Upgrade D42 Appliance from v13.8.2 to 14.2.0, and after from remote collector menu we upgrade the only RC that we have. After this, the RC dont connect to de  Appliance.

  • Steve Potter

    Is there any reason that 50% utilization was chosen as an error condition, and not set to something higher or customizable?  We built our server at 200GB, and with 114GB used and 66GB free, we're seeing an error message that we're 60% used.

    BTW, we've upgraded to 14.17.1 in preparation for a 15 upgrade at some point.  The disk threshold is still 50% and the error message is in bytes with very poor formatting.  Would love to see the message cleaned up and a custom variable available.


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